Custodian Bank

  • Custodian Bank & Transfer Agent of AARGOS Funds SICAV is Bank Frick & Co. AG, Balzers.
  • Bank Frick is an enterprising bank which offers a range of services designed for financial intermediaries. The Bank has a wealth of expertise in the area of tailored fund solutions and specialises in cutting-edge blockchain banking services. With a comprehensive product palette, Bank Frick is able to provide everything from a single source and offer its clients one-stop banking.
  • Outstanding expertise in regulated blockchain banking and the development of tailored fund solutions is what truly sets Bank Frick apart. The Bank is also the only bank in Liechtenstein with acquiring licences from MasterCard and Visa. For developers and fintechs Bank Frick offers a simple API.
  • Bank Frick’s Liechtenstein universal banking licence and Liechtenstein’s EEA membership means the Bank is able to offer its clients easy access to the Swiss market and the EU market via passporting.
  • With an AAA rating, Liechtenstein has a stable legal and economic regime and boasts first-class infrastructure.
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