Our Objectives

Our Vision:
Our vision is to be a first-class real estate Fund company and a key growth partner for our clients. AARGOS is a real estate specialist and a company that adapts to rapid changes in the marketplace. AARGOS put the client’s real estate requirements and objectives to the forefront and collaborate to unlock the full potential of client’s real estate requirements to build a high return real estate portfolio.

Our Mission:
AARGOS’s mission is to provide the real estate market with a professional expert and a diligent SICAV for Real Estate Funds. AARGOS has established a Fund where qualified property experts/consultants meet the performance expectations of the real estate industry. As a real estate expert, AARGOS wish to establish a reputation for integrity, service quality, transparency and to become a competent partner, offering their customers high quality service and reliability. AARGOS wants to ensure that the clients achieve cost-effective and result-oriented solutions for the real estate deals/transactions made through AARGOS Fund SICAV.

Core values:
AARGOS strives to build a long-term relationship of trust with each customer by ensuring integrity, professionalism and honesty in all phases of the client interaction with the company, from initial meeting to final delivery.